Issue 3


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Alex Belsey
Pulled in Opposite Directions: The Early War Journals of Keith Vaughan
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Hannah Lili Boettcher
Dis/Oriented: A Psychogeographical Exploration of Disappearance and Dis/Orientation in London’s East End
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Alexis Brown
‘Blanks in my memory that cannot be filled up’: Psychological Trauma and the Voice of Christophine in Wide Sargasso Sea
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Geoffrey K. Bucy
The Literary Railroad Experience: The Production of Continuity in Paul Theroux’s The Old Patagonian Express 
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Edward Falvey
Metamorphosing Cities: Urban Diegesis and the Manifestation of Spatial Psychology in Literature and Film
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Drew Danielle Maxwell
‘For wa he wex al wilde and wode’: Exploring Emotional and Physical Disorientation Through the Concepts of Memory and Madness in the Middle English Romance Ywain and Gawain
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Nanette O’Brien
Self-Imaging: Visual Representation and Identity in Fictional Autobiography
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Alexander Williams
Forward Into the Past: The Past, Present and Future in Jacques Lacan
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Alden Wood
Disorienting Political Humanism in Tiqqun’s Introduction to Civil War
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